Magic Flight Vaporizer Concentrate Tray

Magic Flight



The Magic-Flight Herbal Concentrate Tray is able to fully melt any concentrate to a liquid and leave no residue behind so it can be suitable for use in the ‎screened tray. ‎With it's chemically inert quartz pad below a stainless ‎steel mesh that gets affixed in the existing trench, it enables you to use herbal concentrates and ‎extracts in your Launch Box. ‎The unscreened tray also works with all types of material that do not completely melt to a liquid. However do ‎not use liquid concentrates with the unscreened tray.‎ These reusable trays are made from stainless steel to securely and allow you to safely enjoy vaporizing. ‎The tray can be cleared and reused with a standard torch lighter (not included). ‎We recommend using this product with the Power Adapter and a whip attachment or through your ‎water pipe with the Water Pipe Whip adapter.

The Concentrate Tray Includes

  • 1 Screened Concentrate Tray
  • 1 Unscreened Concentrate Tray