Magic Flight Glass Stem

Magic Flight

The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer glass mouthpiece stem is 3 inches long. The Magic Flight glass stem allows cool air to be inhaled smoothly from the heating chamber through the glass mouthpiece. The Magic flight glass stem is made of strong Pyrex. This part is exclusively designed for Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizers. 


Magic-Flight's Glass Draw Stem gives you an unforgivable vaping experience in both its polished appearance and its utility. It serves to cool vapor before it is inhaled, and can be cleaned easily with a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol.

With this custom-made Glass Draw Stem, you will be able to visibly follow the thermal expansion of vapor as it fills your Launch Box and makes its way toward your lips.

This item has great design and perfect size. The new Magic Flight Launch Box glass stem is very easy to use.



- Easy to wash, dry, and sanitize

- Inexpensive to replace

- Slow to warm when used correctly

- A stylish traditional smoking accessory



- Weight: 0.20 Ounces

- Brand: Magic Flight


The Magic Flight Launch Box Glass Stem Includes

1 x Replacement Magic Flight Glass Stem.