SLX Non-Stick Nano Ceramic Coated 2.4'' 4 PIECES Grinder V2.0


Perfectly suited for the modern & sophisticated smoker with elite taste, SLX products are sleek, durable & built to last.

With a nonstick coating applied at the molecular level, you can rely on SLX products to stand the test of time much better than competing herb grinders & rolling trays.

An herb grinder so slick it doesn’t stick. An herb grinder that gives back every atom of resin.

An herb grinder so easy to use, it elevates the ritual of smoking - letting you focus on the experience of sharing your herb, rather than fighting with your grinder.

That vision is now a reality.

Welcome to SLX: the friction-free future of herb grinders.

  • Non-Stick Ceramic Coating
  • ZERO Teflon® or PTFE
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
  • Premium Screens
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Uniquely Shaped Teeth
  • Just 1 Set of Threads

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